Institutions Margin Trading Accounts


An easy way to create more capacity and flexibility for your business

You could double your institution’s trading capacity without using the funds in your cash account, when you open a secure margin trading account.
Required documents

When you apply for a margin trading account, we’ll ask you to show us:

  • Articles of Association
  • Trade License
  • Registration certificate
  • Authorised signatories
  • Board Resolution to operate the account

open any kind of ADCB Accounts

Approved marginable shares list

For approved marginable shares list click here.


Please refer to the Service fees

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply. To view full brokerage terms and conditions, click here.

Risk statement

The Client might incur substantial losses arising from margin trading since this kind of trading allows a single client to buy securities of a value of up to twice the amount deposited thereby or the available balance in the Client’s Margin Trading Account. Whereas in case the Client’s holding percentage fell below the Maintenance Margin and the Client did not cover the deficit in the Margin Trading Account within two working days from the date of being notified by the Company or could not provide additional collaterals under exceptional circumstances, the Company shall sell all or any of the securities held in the Margin Trading Account and the Client shall bear the ensuing loss. If the Company could not sell securities due to market conditions, the Client’s loss might exceed his capital. Hence, the Client must be fully aware of the technical principles applied in Margin Trading.

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